Work & Life: Passion and profit

Csaba | 2016-04-28

I like talking about my job. Many times people asked me: and what is your job? I am a coach. All right, and what does a coach deal with? Well, at this part I was usually in trouble, because I did not have any standard answer for it. I talked about consciousness, about the coaching as a supporting process, about my conviction and my experiences. At the end of our conversation my partner usually said: I do not really understand what you say, but I can see by the way you speak, that you must be doing it with passion.


Our business is internationally accessible, as well

Viki | 2016-04-27

Zsofia Juhasz ACC


I am passionate about enabling people to achieve fulfilment and balance on both a personal and professional level. My focus is on guiding leadership potential towards achieving both individual and business success. I’m ACC credentialed coach with International Coach Federation (ICF).

Specializing in leadership development, middle managers and emerging talent. I held HR management positions in, and partnered with, large corporations and not-for-profit organisations in Europe and Australia. I have over 12 years’ experience working with private corporations.

My primary industry expertise has been with the pharmaceuticals industry and working in the media/communications arena. Currently, I work with clients in the financial services, arts, consulting and not-for-profit sectors.

I have a proven ability to easily connect, establish trust and be insightful and accurate. My approach is proactive, solution and outcomes focused  are underpinned by the International Coach Federation ethics and core competencies. In supporting leaders, I bring insight, pragmatism and energy to performance conversations. Client’s value my ability to quickly ‘get to the heart of the matter’ ensuring individual sessions have focus, clarity and my interactions create accountability & action.

I am an advocate for causes that empower disadvantaged women to find better life solutions for themselves.

I have/have had clients in Australia, Europe, the Asia Pacific and across the US. I primary work with my clients remotely/online.

I’m a Professional Level member (CAHRI) of the Australian Human Resource Institute and have certification in small business management.

Currently I am Leadership Team member for ICF Australasia – Queensland Branch, being responsible for the Membership Portfolio, Social Media and PD.


  • Leadership coaching
  • The first 90 days in a new role/job
  • Emerging Leaders & Middle Managers
  • Employee Motivation & Engagement
  • Career Transition
  • Passionate life-long learner

Further information:

Case study: Go with the Flow

Csaba | 2016-05-03

In the next section of our case study I asked Mary to put me into her last interesting coaching session: she told me about her experience when even she as a coach could feel the flow-experience during the coaching process.



Csaba | 2016-06-16

Development of the multigenerational cooperation’s efficiency


„We love to think, that the olders are good, and the youngsters should change, but the truth is that, everbydody should change.Mutual prejudices can cause much serious conflicts and without clearing and dissolving them, stayes as a „bubble”. This way some people may work between „landmines” when not admitting that they are not victims: they also have rules as an agressor.”Annamária Tari: #yz Generations online (Tercium, 2015)

Our generation specialist, Andi Lerf has been doing researches since more than five years, and she experienced that if people would be opened to each other, if they would get to know the different generations’s methods, and discover the potential hubs then the effect of the generations synergy could come true. This could mobilize incredible resources in a team or even in the life of the whole company. We created this program in order to make this goal happen.

What kind of advantages can be reached by the program?

  • Effective cooperation between the different generations
  • Employee engagement increases, fluctuation decreases
  • More efficient internal and external client communications
  • More efficient and faster organizationof work and working
  • The level of trust increases, conflicts decrease
  • The integration of the young colleagues become faster and easier

The structure of the program based on the GEN GAME model:

Gen game model

The lead-time of the program:

Part of the program Duration Place/Realization
Generation microscope 2 weeks made by an expert
Engagement and starting 1,5 hours at a place prefered by the company
Need to look closer! 1 day (8 hours) external place
Generation acceptance 6 weeks online platform, offline excercises
Assertive communication 1 day (8 hours) external place
Everyday practice playfully 6 weeks online platform, offline excercises
Effectively together! 4 hours + 6 weeks
+ 1,5 hours
at a place prefered by the company + online



This program is recommended:

  • For those teams where colleagues with different ages work together, and the cooperation does not always happen without trouble/problem
  • For newly set uo and reorganized teams
  • Beginning project organizations
  • For colleagues, whose cooperation is important in their working progress
  • Leadership groups
  • Employees in the field of HR
  • For colleagues working in the field of client management or sales, whose way of communication is important not only because of their own team but it can also help dealing with clients of different age.

Possible other results and effects of the program might be:

  • Better mood, atmosphere
  • Easier transfer of knowledge, support of each other, two-way mentoring
  • Teambuilding and team-cohesion is strengthened
  • Standing out of the generation comfort zone enhances openess toward each other
  • New, and special training experience
  • Results and recognition, which are useful for the participants not only at the workplace, but even in the private life

For more information and personalized offer contach the program leader professional:

Bite Barbara
business, coach, tréner, management consultant, CEO
mobil: +36-20-981-5871




Group coaching by action learning for women

Viki | 2016-04-28

The goal and actuality of the development

The Lean In movement- founded by Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook’s CFO- inspired us to organize such a group coaching opportunity where working women can share their experiences, failures, successes, practices and knowledge in order to improve in their work and help them to find balance between their working and private life.

We believe that the family supporting programs are more and more important for the companies and this group coaching process for women fits into this trend. This kind of support can not only complete and confirm the knowledge that has already been collected, but women can also get extra help and energy from the group and from each other.

The group meets all in all 5 times. For the first occasion they clear the frames and the base of the cooperation. During the next sessions they have the opportunity to work on their own cases with the action learning method, supported by the group, led by the coach. On the last meeting they sum up the learnt things, the results, the successes and celebrate them.

Who do we recommend this program for?

  • For stay-at-home moms. This way they can keep in touch with the company and feel their support. Thanks to the training they can go back to work more easily.
  • For women who restart their work, after maternity leave in order to ease and speed up the integration process.
  • For women leaders who are new in their positions- here they can share their successes and failures and they can improve with the help of group coaching.

The goal and actuality of the English language group coaching

The essence of the group coaching is the 2in1 development. The Sheryl Sandberg TED videos and other English supplements ensure the opportunity to discuss parallel the individual cases and improve the language knowledge and self-confidence. This variant can be especially interesting for stay-at-home moms and for women who recently return to work.

Who we recommend this program for?

  • For such women leaders who would like to develop their English with action learning method, oriented by the current international trends in English and who would like to improve through discussions.
  • Working women who would like to improve their language competences and share their dilemmas with others.

Who are we?

Coaches, trainers, mothers, wives, project managers, girls, dreamers, mentors, professionals, qualified experts with different multinational background, leading experience, but first of all WOMEN… whose passion is to accompany women leaders and support them in finding their own leader being.

Please contact us for further information!

Rita Gallen
Business and English language coach, trainer
Lean In coordinator

Work & life: Work-life balance

Csaba | 2016-06-20

One cornerstone of our daily life is the ability to maintain the balance between the work and the private life. How can we fit to the different fields of our lives while staying fresh and satisfied? at the same time? Is it possible at all to perform well at least similarly in all the fields of our lives?


Barbara Bite PCC

Viki | 2016-03-04


“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”– Muhammad Ali


Specialized studies, trainings
2015 SolutionSurfers – Briefcoaching – PCC
2015 Hungarian Gestalt Associaton– Gestalt Therapist Training – in progress
2013 Gestalt Coaching Center – Leading Blind spots and Organizational Taboos – Coach Training
2013 Bewise – Action Learning Group Facilitator Training
2013 Captain – Captain Expert Training
2011-2012 Sämling Solution Consulting Ltd. – Team and Group Coach
2009-2011 Business Coach Academy – Qualified Business Coach
2011 Antares Group Ltd. – Transactional Analysis training
1999-2001 University of Pécs – Economist Msc.
1995-1998 College of Szolnok– External trade economist

Main activity fields

  • Business and executive coaching
  • Team and group coaching
  • Action learning
  • Competence developer leader training
  • Leading guidance
  • Organizational development



Work experience
2015 International Coach Federation Hungarian Chapter Association – President
2010- Today CEO of Coaching Team Ltd. – Business coach, teamcoach, trainer, leader advisory
2002-2010 Baumax Hungary Ltd. – Department store director
1999-2000 Lénia Trade Ltd. – Sales manager
1997-2002 Vasas SC. – professional handball player

Organizational development, training, coaching:

Connected with polity:

  • National Chief Medical Officer – highlighted TÁMOP project with 40 trainers, professional coordination of 20 trainers, transaction of the project, guidance
  • Dubai Government- leader coaching, guidance as the Vibrocomp Middle East’s subcontractor

Nonprofit field

  • ICF Hungarian Chapter Association- organization development, strategy creating

Business field

  • Individual coaching processes:
    • Executive processes: P&G. – Director, Transport Ltd. – MT member, UPC –Director, Knorr-Bremse – Director, Mercedes – MT member, Visionary7 – CEO, UTT Europe – Director, Mortoff – leader, Béres – director, HP – director
    • Business processes: Dreher Sabmiller – leader, Telecom leader, Hungarian Post – leaders, MOL leader, UPC leader, Mercedes leaders, BD leader, Transport Ltd. – leaders, UNICEF – leaders, Lufthansa – leader, Bosch – leaders, Citi Bank – leader, Walt Disney – leader
  • Group and team coaching processes: Mercedes, UPC, Hungarian Telecom, Dubai Government, Transport Ltd., Corwell Ltd., Knorr-Bremse, BD Medical, Youth Leadership Academy, Academy of Woman Leaders
  • Project coaching: UNICEF
  • Organization development projects: Baumax Hun. Ltd., hierarchical structure and redefinition of work positions, Corwell Ltd., development of customer service; ICF Hungarian Chapter – strategy creating, Vibrocomp Ltd. – enter the international market-strategy creating
  • Complete leading development programs: BD Medical Ltd. (leading with coaching approach), Transport Ltd. (leader resupply) Hungarian Telecom – VAKU talent program
  • Project management trainings: Telecom Plc. – almost 100 people
  • Competence and attitude development trainings (leading development, assertive communication, presentation techniques, negotiation techniques, conflict management, time management, energy efficiency, cooperation development, customer service development, self-knowledge…): Hungarian Telecom Plc., Knorr-Bremse, Citi Bank, Transport Ltd., BD Medical Ltd., UPC, Corwell Ltd., Hungarian Post, Eurest, open trainings: Youth Leadership Academy, Academy of Women Leaders
  • Training of coaches and trainers: Coach Academy business coach training


“From the very beginning it was great to work with Barbara. Her personality is strong-minded, engaging and I felt totally supported. I’ve trusted her for the first time meeting her. The bridge between us and the fact she could ask me the questions that aimed my weaknesses helped me a lot see clearly what the next step in my development was. It was actually sad when the coaching process ended. Thank you for the common work! 🙂
Dr. Zsuzsanna Papp
Compliance department

“Barbara built up the whole coaching process consciously and in a structured way. She used the right tools at the right time. She won my trust in a short time as a trustworthy, prepared coach and as an experienced leader. We spoke the same language so I could rely on her personality and techniques. She made me set up and make conscious things that I felt in myself, but couldn’t interpret before. She was successful in facing me with myself, and I realized my positive and negative sides. I can say that Barbara’s coaching gave me a lot and I’m sure, the knowledge she gave me will help me reach my short-term and long-term goals and I can also use it right in the company.”
Dr. Ádám Hornyánszky
Béres Gyógyszertár Ltd., export and business development leader

“Beside her professional competences, Barbara leads me through the problems in an excellent way and she can facilitate the conversations so I can successfully solve them. She perfectly feels what the client needs and she gives a solution, while the conversations are free-flowing and likeable.”
Henrik Hammang
Hungarian Telecom Plc., content management group leader

“Since the first time I had high expectations of coaching- and they have been fulfilled. My self-knowledge improved so we could set up relevant goals for the coaching. The new tool I got to know helped me a lot with reaching my goal and become a better leader. I got to know Barbara as a professional, positive and empathetic coach who has a wide range of tools that she can use in a right way in the right situations. As a seasoned executive she understood the situations very quickly and helped me realize important details that I wouldn’t even think of by myself. I find the past three months very enjoyable and useful. I can highly recommend Barbara as a coach.”
Péter Vass
P&C Central Europe South, CMK Senior Manager

Annamária Tóth

Viki | 2016-03-04



“What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?” (George Eliot)

My goal is to help as a facilitator- create an accepting atmosphere, using the suitable tools- the companies’, groups’ and people’s in increasing their efficiency and in finding their best solution.


Professional studies and trainings
2015 SolutionSurfers – Briefcoaching – PCC – in progress
2013 SolutionSurfers – Briefcoaching Team Coach training
2011 Sämling Solution Consulting Ltd. and Business Coach Ltd – Team and group Coach training
2011 Sämling Solution Consulting Ltd. Coach training (PL-4223)
2011 Franklin Covey- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People program
2011 Volunteer Center Foundation- Volunteer management
2010 Psychodrama group
2007 Sämling Economical Továbbképző Ltd.- Trainer advisory
2007 ESZA Ltd. Expert database public employment expert; Civil service expert
2007 Tempus Foundation Multiplicator (PL-0603)
2005 MultiContact Consulting Ltd. Project management (PA -538)
2005 Szent István University- Career orientation Consultant
2007 ELTE Social science faculty- Social politics major
2003 ELTE Gusztáv Bárczi Special pedagogy faculty- General social worker major
2002-2007 project leader

Main activity fields

• Organization development projects
• Executive and business individual leader coaching
• Complete leading improvement programs
• Team and group coaching processes
• Attitude and competence development programs, trainings
• Open leading and personality improvement programs


I work both with private people and leaders in individual coaching process and with teams, managements, organizations in group and team coaching processes. I’m over nearly 800 coaching hours. In the last two years more than 700 people participated in my trainings.
In organization development projects I work as a leader, guider, trainer and coach.
I trained over 400 people in the field of project management, and I also helped organizations with project supervision in many cases.
My most usual topics are:
-in connection with leading development: leader trustworthiness, lead as the situation needs it, motivation, lead with coaching approach, becoming a leader
-in connection with competence development: personality typology, self-knowledge, assertiveness, task management, conflict management, customer service improvement, cooperation development, presentation techniques
I also mentor other coaches, and in more projects I was responsible for writing the training handbooks and for preparing the trainers.


Leading development – individual coaching processes for example: Transport Ltd. – CEO, Mortoff Ltd. – CEO, Doctusoft Ltd – CEO; Be Medical Ltd – MT member; Sberbank – middle leader, Be Medical Ltd – producing leader, Cascade Ltd. – service leader, DFT Hungaria – project leader

Complete leader development program – BD Medical Ltd. (leading with coaching approach), Transport Ltd. (leader resupply), UPC Ltd. (development of young leaders)

Organization development – Corwell Ltd. Customer service development; ICF Hungarian Chapter- create strategy, Makka Studio – create strategy, BD Medical Ltd. – organization development

Team coaching – Aera Ltd, Hay Group, MPO Ltd, BD Medical, BME – Management College , Corwell Ltd.

Trainer handbook, training of trainers – National Chief Medical Officer – highlighted TÁMOP project with 40 trainers, professional coordination of 20 trainers, trainer’s handbook writing in the topic communication, professional leading of 20 trainers.

Project management trainings – TEVA Ltd, Telecom Plc.

Competence development trainings: Aera Ltd., ITSH Ltd., Representation of the European Commission in Hungary, Pannonjob Ltd., BKV Ltd, Telekom Plc., Aqua Service Ltd., Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd, AutentHungaria Ltd., PQS Ltd., Hay Group Ltd., Energy club, MVM, TIGÁZ, Knorr-Bremse, Cetelem Bank, Transport Ltd, BD Medical Ltd., UPC, Lucia Fashion Academy, Corwell Ltd. Adnovum Ltd, Hungarian Post, BKK, Eurest, open trainings: Youth Leadership Academy, Academy of Woman Leader’s

“Working with Mary: I think it is a very cool and funny thing if you find the inspiration that you search for outside, in yourself. It was the feeling as if you were chatting with your old friend in the park. And I felt this “old-friend-feeling” way more often than the “client-feeling”. It’s weird and confusing if the conversation is only about your problems and thoughts. When you get a lot but give just a little. Especially when you look up after a long thought and she looks at you like: “good, keep going!”
Tamás Pisch
BD Medical Ltd, production director

“Mary can get trust of the coachee very quickly with her cheerful and direct personality. Her knowledge, experience and techniques helped me a lot get a clear picture about myself, my environment, challenges and successes. Her feedbacks always helped me process the current topic. I loved working with her, I recommend it to everybody who is ready to look into themselves and accept a professional, kind coach’s help.”
Mortoff Ltd, CEO

“The coaching with Mary was always easygoing and successful even if we talked about the hardest topics. We always found personalized solutions for the problems so using them is natural for me. I learned a lot of techniques that I can use successfully in the future.”
Közlekedés Ltd, CEO

Rita Gallen

Viki | 2016-03-04



“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” (Gandhi)



English Language Teacher, University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts
International Communication- University of Economics, Advertising
SPARKLE Business coach Ltd., Hungary- Coaching training course
Master Coach course at Tolerance Training Ltd.
Train the Trainer Course at Tolerance Training Ltd.
Watson Coach School, Action-oriented group coaching course

Favorite topics and specialities

• Emotional intelligence
• Stress management
• Burnout, self-motivation, energizing
• Developing self-awareness, vision, mission of leaders
• Work-life balance
• Time management, personal effectiveness
• Communication
• Giving and accepting constructive feedback
• 2-in-1 coaching: personalized development in English, building self-confidence, handling stress.

Work experience


I have been working with leaders for more than 20 years. I have been a business coach for 5 years. I cooperate mostly in large or middle enterprise environment both in individual and group improvement.

For me, coaching is a life style. Active and ’sensitive’ listening, connection and real Presence are amazing: they are real catalizators of willingness to change and develop. I believe that one of the greatest gifts of Life is the opportunity of experience: to try out ourselves in different situations and roles. My holistic approach helps me see my clients as a whole, and this way I can support them to find their place in the world at their own pace. My main goal is to hand over my faith in self- and professional- improvement to my coachees so they can find their right place also in work and in private life.



“Rita was always handling my actual needs in a flexible way. I liked her keeping the frame and timing in her hands. It was showing strength to me. She was turning to me with humility, respect and acceptance; she was actively listening to me, which rose me. She was led by helping me honestly and not presenting herself. It was very important for me! Kindness, strength, respect, faith and ATTENTION – these are the most significant things I received from Her.”
Anna Halász
Senior logistical consultant

„With the help of Rita I had an insight of such things and defects that could provide a clear understanding of the situation I was in. Every session made me richer of more consciousness about myself which was not always easy or pleasant. However, facing my limits and difficulties definitely helped me come out of the stuck condition I was in. Rita was able to show me these in a very delicate way: instead of making me feel painful or unsuitable, she motivated me for change. The sessions always filled me up with new strength and enthusiasm, as she was always PRESENT with her whole heart and soul. I liked the way she was flexibly changing the methods according to the process going on inside me or what I needed that moment. We always had the frame and the target we were proceeding to.”
Tímea Nagy
NetAid Ltd.

“For Rita, the ’perpetual motion’ coach, whose professional and human support helped me step onto the path leading to my dreams. Her personality is very friendly, encouraging and highly motivating. Her enthusiasm always shook me. During the sessions you forget about your fears and only focus on your targets. She always reaches that you start believing in yourself and the success of the tasks ahead of you. She is clear-sighted and quickly estimates the needs of the team or the individual. I recommend her with brave heart to all of those coachees who have plans, who want to change, who have a block, or those who need encouragement.”
Zita Falus
Omya Hungary Ltd, Key Account manager

András Makai B.

Viki | 2016-03-04


“The wasted energy is the most expensive.”


2010-2014 Gestalt-therapist Course, Nordske Gestalt Institut, Gestalt-therapist2009-2010 Flow Coaching School – Flow group, business coach
2008-2009 Organization development with Gestalt approach– Hungarian Gestalt Association
2008 Trainer Academy – GROW group, Trainer
2007-2009 SZEVA – Organizational Development and Change Management Consultant, Flow group
2007 Executive Coaching Training, Grow group
1993-1997 Technical University, Nagyvárad, chartered electrical engineer
1987-1990 Polytechnic Temesvár, chartered electrical engineer major

International qualification- using questionnaires

  • ARPe® (Autorithy-Responsible-Efficiency-Trust)
  • GPOP® (Golden Profile of Personality)

Professional organization memberships

  • Hungarian Gestalt Association
  • European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT)


Main activity fields


  • Business and executive coaching
  • Support the new leaders
  • Leading with coaching approach
  • Organization development
  • Leader self-knowledge and efficiency development
  • Leader role
  • Burnout



For 13 years I have been the owner-manager of a small company that has since grown into a medium company. In the last 4 years we have consciously developed our company in the direction of succession and the handover of leadership. At present I am “only” an owner at the company. In line with this process I have trained myself. I was/I am much more interested in the human resources, the human energy within a company than in the electric energy that connected me to my original profession.
As a coach I support my clients to realize their blocks and find the energy in themselves that is necessary for change. I help them feel great and do their best.
I work in Hungarian, Romanian and English.


2015- Coaching Team, partner
2014- Independent business & life coach, Gestalt-therapist
2009-2014 KAYconsulting, coach, advisory, trainer
1997-2009 ProEnerg company group, Romania, owner, commercial director, CEO
1994-1997 Parliament of Romania, Zsolt Szilágyi’s (representative in Parliament), office leader, cabinet chief
1990-1992 Figura Studio Theater, Gyergyószentmiklós, actor


Most important reference works

2011 – Innovative Solutions Ltd. – organization diagnosis and executive coaching
2011 – Schöntal Schul Impex Ltd. – creating strategy and executive coaching
2010 – Mayor Office of Székelyhídi– executive coaching
2012 – Posticum Juventutis Association – organization diagnoses
2012 – Combridge Ltd. – executive coaching
2013 – 2014 – ROVE Association, KKV executive development training program
2013 – 2014 – Generalli Providencia, excecutive coaching

Executive coaching references

  • Levente Csenteri, Combridge Ltd. Rumania (Telecom group), manager, 12 occasions, 6 months, topic: parallel leading of 2 subsidiaries
  • László Marton, Generali Providencia, territory director, 12 occasions, 5 months, topic: burnout, lack of results
  • Kincső Kocsis, Hobby Libri Ltd., owner, 10 occasions, 3 months, topic: leader competences development
  • Gyula Telegdi: WebEye Romania manager, 12 occasions, 6 months, topic: get stuck as a leader