Work & Life: Passion and profit

Csaba | 2016-04-28

I like talking about my job. Many times people asked me: and what is your job? I am a coach. All right, and what does a coach deal with? Well, at this part I was usually in trouble, because I did not have any standard answer for it. I talked about consciousness, about the coaching as a supporting process, about my conviction and my experiences. At the end of our conversation my partner usually said: I do not really understand what you say, but I can see by the way you speak, that you must be doing it with passion.


Our business is internationally accessible, as well

Viki | 2016-04-27

Zsofia Juhasz ACC


I am passionate about enabling people to achieve fulfilment and balance on both a personal and professional level. My focus is on guiding leadership potential towards achieving both individual and business success. I’m ACC credentialed coach with International Coach Federation (ICF).

Specializing in leadership development, middle managers and emerging talent. I held HR management positions in, and partnered with, large corporations and not-for-profit organisations in Europe and Australia. I have over 12 years’ experience working with private corporations.

My primary industry expertise has been with the pharmaceuticals industry and working in the media/communications arena. Currently, I work with clients in the financial services, arts, consulting and not-for-profit sectors.

I have a proven ability to easily connect, establish trust and be insightful and accurate. My approach is proactive, solution and outcomes focused  are underpinned by the International Coach Federation ethics and core competencies. In supporting leaders, I bring insight, pragmatism and energy to performance conversations. Client’s value my ability to quickly ‘get to the heart of the matter’ ensuring individual sessions have focus, clarity and my interactions create accountability & action.

I am an advocate for causes that empower disadvantaged women to find better life solutions for themselves.

I have/have had clients in Australia, Europe, the Asia Pacific and across the US. I primary work with my clients remotely/online.

I’m a Professional Level member (CAHRI) of the Australian Human Resource Institute and have certification in small business management.

Currently I am Leadership Team member for ICF Australasia – Queensland Branch, being responsible for the Membership Portfolio, Social Media and PD.


  • Leadership coaching
  • The first 90 days in a new role/job
  • Emerging Leaders & Middle Managers
  • Employee Motivation & Engagement
  • Career Transition
  • Passionate life-long learner

Further information:

Case study: Go with the Flow

Csaba | 2016-05-03

In the next section of our case study I asked Mary to put me into her last interesting coaching session: she told me about her experience when even she as a coach could feel the flow-experience during the coaching process.



Csaba | 2016-06-16

Development of the multigenerational cooperation’s efficiency


„We love to think, that the olders are good, and the youngsters should change, but the truth is that, everbydody should change.Mutual prejudices can cause much serious conflicts and without clearing and dissolving them, stayes as a „bubble”. This way some people may work between „landmines” when not admitting that they are not victims: they also have rules as an agressor.”Annamária Tari: #yz Generations online (Tercium, 2015)

Our generation specialist, Andi Lerf has been doing researches since more than five years, and she experienced that if people would be opened to each other, if they would get to know the different generations’s methods, and discover the potential hubs then the effect of the generations synergy could come true. This could mobilize incredible resources in a team or even in the life of the whole company. We created this program in order to make this goal happen.

What kind of advantages can be reached by the program?

  • Effective cooperation between the different generations
  • Employee engagement increases, fluctuation decreases
  • More efficient internal and external client communications
  • More efficient and faster organizationof work and working
  • The level of trust increases, conflicts decrease
  • The integration of the young colleagues become faster and easier

The structure of the program based on the GEN GAME model:

Gen game model

The lead-time of the program:

Part of the program Duration Place/Realization
Generation microscope 2 weeks made by an expert
Engagement and starting 1,5 hours at a place prefered by the company
Need to look closer! 1 day (8 hours) external place
Generation acceptance 6 weeks online platform, offline excercises
Assertive communication 1 day (8 hours) external place
Everyday practice playfully 6 weeks online platform, offline excercises
Effectively together! 4 hours + 6 weeks
+ 1,5 hours
at a place prefered by the company + online



This program is recommended:

  • For those teams where colleagues with different ages work together, and the cooperation does not always happen without trouble/problem
  • For newly set uo and reorganized teams
  • Beginning project organizations
  • For colleagues, whose cooperation is important in their working progress
  • Leadership groups
  • Employees in the field of HR
  • For colleagues working in the field of client management or sales, whose way of communication is important not only because of their own team but it can also help dealing with clients of different age.

Possible other results and effects of the program might be:

  • Better mood, atmosphere
  • Easier transfer of knowledge, support of each other, two-way mentoring
  • Teambuilding and team-cohesion is strengthened
  • Standing out of the generation comfort zone enhances openess toward each other
  • New, and special training experience
  • Results and recognition, which are useful for the participants not only at the workplace, but even in the private life

For more information and personalized offer contach the program leader professional:

Bite Barbara
business, coach, tréner, management consultant, CEO
mobil: +36-20-981-5871




Group coaching by action learning for women

Viki | 2016-04-28

The goal and actuality of the development

The Lean In movement- founded by Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook’s CFO- inspired us to organize such a group coaching opportunity where working women can share their experiences, failures, successes, practices and knowledge in order to improve in their work and help them to find balance between their working and private life.

We believe that the family supporting programs are more and more important for the companies and this group coaching process for women fits into this trend. This kind of support can not only complete and confirm the knowledge that has already been collected, but women can also get extra help and energy from the group and from each other.

The group meets all in all 5 times. For the first occasion they clear the frames and the base of the cooperation. During the next sessions they have the opportunity to work on their own cases with the action learning method, supported by the group, led by the coach. On the last meeting they sum up the learnt things, the results, the successes and celebrate them.

Who do we recommend this program for?

  • For stay-at-home moms. This way they can keep in touch with the company and feel their support. Thanks to the training they can go back to work more easily.
  • For women who restart their work, after maternity leave in order to ease and speed up the integration process.
  • For women leaders who are new in their positions- here they can share their successes and failures and they can improve with the help of group coaching.

The goal and actuality of the English language group coaching

The essence of the group coaching is the 2in1 development. The Sheryl Sandberg TED videos and other English supplements ensure the opportunity to discuss parallel the individual cases and improve the language knowledge and self-confidence. This variant can be especially interesting for stay-at-home moms and for women who recently return to work.

Who we recommend this program for?

  • For such women leaders who would like to develop their English with action learning method, oriented by the current international trends in English and who would like to improve through discussions.
  • Working women who would like to improve their language competences and share their dilemmas with others.

Who are we?

Coaches, trainers, mothers, wives, project managers, girls, dreamers, mentors, professionals, qualified experts with different multinational background, leading experience, but first of all WOMEN… whose passion is to accompany women leaders and support them in finding their own leader being.

Please contact us for further information!

Rita Gallen
Business and English language coach, trainer
Lean In coordinator

Work & life: Work-life balance

Csaba | 2016-06-20

One cornerstone of our daily life is the ability to maintain the balance between the work and the private life. How can we fit to the different fields of our lives while staying fresh and satisfied? at the same time? Is it possible at all to perform well at least similarly in all the fields of our lives?


Offer for Telekom employees

Viki | 2017-04-19

We offer the following trainings, individual development programs for Telekom employees, leaders in connection with their individual training frame.

  • For leaders:

We offer Youth Leadership Academy, which is an open program. It means that the participants are going to have the opportunity to work together with leaders from other companies, as well.

Further information:


  • For colleagues:

Self awareness – Personality typology – DISC

Very easily understandable. It can be planted into practice immediately. It is a very helpful guide line in getting to know ourselves and also others better. It helps to understand why others work in so different ways than us. Beyond diagnosis we speak about cooperation between different types, conflict management and motivation,as well.


Nonverbal communication – The hidden power

Everybody knows already that only 7% of our communication system is verbal signs. 38% vocal and 55% nonverbal. It’s important not only in private life, but also in business situation, how much we are aware of our nonverbal communication and how well we understand others. The training offers help in improving in these issues.


Assertive communication – Non-violent self validation

Assertiveness means that we communicate with others on the same eye level. We neither dominate the situation, nor resign. It’s a successful combination on self validation and cooperation, which isn’t only a communication form but also part of our personality improvement. Everybody is capable of asking favors self -confidently, and able to say no without hurting anybody, if they do it consciously.



Conflict management – Is there such a thing like win-win?

Conflict management is part of our every days and that’s why it’s important to be good at it. Depending on our personality type it’s possible that we either generate or avoid them. However, solving conflicts is essential if we want to successfully cooperate. It’s helpful if we can recognize what kind of conflict we have and if we can pair methods to the different kind of conflicts. On the training you will learn what kind of strategy you prefer and you should pay more attention to solving conflicts without hurting anybody and create a solution that is beyond compromise.


Self brand – Am I visible?

Good performance is not always enough, it has to be visible as well. We listen to it, read it everywhere already. One can agree or not, but for those who want appreciation, it’s useful to shape consciously the picture about you. We don’t teach how to blow a balloon, but we help those who want to make their own strengths, results more visible inside and outside the organization.


Task management – Time management

It’s an eternal topic in the 21st century, in the age of impulse and email flood. New apps, methods are revealed day after day that are supposed to help us in managing our tasks. But do we really know what is actually important, valuable to us? Do we see our own time robbing activities? Are we likely to blame for example the meeting culture? During the training we go behind fist rules, tricks, deep into the topic, to accomplish not only superficial but real changes. Oh, and of course we don’t have the Philisopher’s Stone, we help to point the direction.


Presentation technique – Dare to stand out! Be provocative!

We’ve all experienced at least one very boring presentation already that even if it was supposed to be interesting based on the topic, the performer or the presentation itself wrecked everything. A well chosen style of presentation, tools and presentation surface support the presentation in a great amount. We speak about them during the training and we also practice a lot, everybody gets feedback. Mostly we will work on the mode of the presentation and add some technical tools, tricks and fist rules.


  Project cooperation – The project’s heart is in human relations!

It doesn’t matter whether we talk about small or big projects, there always has to be a beginning and an ending, and there will be people for sure, who are working together to create something valuable among them. On the training we are going to talk about methods and tools that are helpful in accomplishing different project parts, solving problems and conflicts.


  • Important information:

– Trainings are between 9am-5pm, each of them last for a day, minimum group size: 7 people

– We appoint the date with the applicants

– Location: 1027. Budapest, Jurányi Street. 10. (Coaching Team’s training room)

  • Fees:

– 1 training: 30 000 HUF

– 2 trainings: 50 000 HUF

– Before the training there is always a skype talk or an online questionnaire to measure the applicant’s wishes

Krisztina Száva

Viki | 2016-03-08


“Freedom doesn’t mean somebody does something random, freedom means somebody chooses from the opportunities.” (Vilmos Csányi)


University of West-Hungary, Faculty of Economics – Human resource manager major

ELTE- Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education

Sorel House: Senior advisory training

Mária Balogh: Organization development

Neosys: Coach training

Human Telex: Trainer training

Main activity fields

Development of talent and key colleges

Improvement and measurement of efficiency

Executive mentoring

Development of e-learning curriculum


In the last 20 years I did my work in a multinational environment (Westel, T-mobile, Telecom) as a customer service leader, trainer and HR development expert. All kind of these activities gave me the same feedback: changes are necessary but it matters why and how we change. In the change we must find ourselves. Either if it’s about a person or about a whole company. It has one key: we must be sure about our goals.

My goal is during my trainings to help my customer with finding the opportunity in improvement: they can make their own decisions and take that certain first step. If it  happened I should direct their attention on the road signs and branches and support them with tools, personal examples in creating their own solutions.

When I’m not working as a trainer, I manage HR development projects, I ensure the measurement of the projects’ efficiency or I develop e-learning curriculum.

The key of all my activities’ success is that I offer such solutions that are useful, applicable and mean sustainable changes in the all days.

Judit Nagy

Viki | 2016-03-08


“Supporting presence in a safe atmosphere, so that my customers can explore their own “taste-harmony”!”

We see, hear and perceive the effects on us differently and we react to them differently. That can make the cooperation difficult sometimes.

The coaching process is such a compass that can help us  understand and accept others’ reactions and lead to a new kind of solution.

I wish I’d had a compass like this earlier! I have it now, but it wasn’t for free!

After 12 years, when I quit the Hungarian Television, because I couldn’t live my life according to my values I felt relieved. Then panic caught me. What I felt were uncertainty, anxiety and fear. Then a long self-knowledge work, learn- Lemma Coaching School, Flow Coaching School, New Code NLP basic module, NLP emotion training, Mercure Consulting Enneagramm 1 module- and hiking led me to my new road. As a kind of synthesis of my previous life stations, I became a coach.

Raising awareness, Confirmation, Change of attitude. Supporting presence in a safe atmosphere, so that my customers can explore their own “taste-harmony”!

The tastes stand close to me, because I’m (also) a chocolate maker. If the process needs so, my tool is the chocolate that is very similar to the human soul. Sensitive substance with numberless different origins, characters, colors and attitude. The work with it is enormously similar to the help which I use in my coaching work.

My self-developed method is the choco-coaching. The chocolate works as a magical medium and holds a mirror to the people. The thoughts and emotions sparked by the taste experiences help us to recognize the real problem, restart the inside resources and find new kind of solutions. All these lead to a respect based, efficient cooperation, successful solutions both in work and private life.


Viki | 2016-03-04

Our passion is to share Sheryl Sandberg’s 3 main advices with the Hungarian women. We want to help them with the Lean In philosophy become successful and happy.
Our goal is to support such women who would like to share their experiences and knowledge with others and, who are interested in other’s solutions for similar situations. Our goal is to create a community, whose members meet once or twice a month and talk about current topics.

What are Sheryl’s 3 main advices?
1. Sit at the table!
2. Your partner has to be a real partner!
3. Don’t quit before you really quit!

The whole TED talk that the Lean In book is based on: