Our complex leader-support solution

We work by the ethic guidlines and norms of International Coach Federation (ICF) as developer and coach in progresses. We’re in charge of the process, the framework, and the supportive, inspirational atmosphere in which the leader learns, develops, changes, and works in order to achieve his goals. Our personality, effective asking technique and active listening are our main tools. All the members of our company are members of the International and Hungarian department of ICF.

The Coaching Team isn’t committed to a tool and methodology, but we strive to develop continuously in the most important and up-to-date national and international trends and tools, and to strengthen our synergy in such way so that we could provide our clients with the most appropriate methodology.

The methodologies and tools what we work with in addition to the foundational tools of coaching, following the ICF’s principles:

Individual processes                               Group and team-coaching processes
  • Solution focus coaching
  • Role-centric tools
  • Use of creative tools, visuality, symbols, use of creation
  • Transactional analytic models
  • Use of Gestalt approach and elements
  • NLP exercises
  • Cognitive and skill-developing models
  • Action-oriented coaching
  • Leadership theory models
  • Behavior, Competence and skill tests
  • Action learning
  • Solution focus team coaching
  • Action-oriented coaching
  • Follow-up coaching
  • Thematic coaching after trainings

There are two main types of coaching, depending on whether we are primarily attending with business issues (business coaching) or personal issues (personal coaching).


Business coaching

Usually business coaching is for solving problems caused in business field but it can be very helpful in acquiring different skills, as well. When we say “executive coaching” we mean coaching of top management. In this case it’s about the “personal training” of top managers, typical topics are strategic questions, change management and leadership dilemmas.

We help leaders, managers, entrepreneurs with business coaching. The range of possible topics is wide. It can vary from career coaching to skill coaching. We can work on the development of basic leadership skills (motivation, team building, delegation, decision making, organization, communication, etc.) in order to create a ground we can build on later. Other interesting topics can be stress management, personal branding or career management.

We believe that the goal of the coachee could become more absorbed and more punctual during the process, so our goal is not just supporting them to make action plans but to generate sustainable change in personality-, consciousness- and self-knowledge dimensions.

We often use these models: GROW (Goal, Reality, Opportunities, What?), RAMM (Result, Action, Measure, Modify), SPARKLE (Situation, Positioning, Alternatives, Key obstacles, Route, Leverage, Evaluations), SURF

We have our own model which was created by the experiences of working with leaders:

G – GAP= difference, lack of something, a desire to be different and define it as a goal

R – Reflection= others’ and my reflections

E – Energy= find something that makes me energised to jump over the GAP, something that really motivates me,

A – And= getting past from the old operation to the new one, while becoming more conscious, polarity

T – Transform= transforming, interiorizing and practising the new function in vitro, then in vivo


Life coaching

Life coaching means a kind of life counselling where we help the client to reach his/her goals by placing his/her problems into other perspectives and strengthening his/her personal values. The life coach unlike psychologists doesn’t explore the past to find the root causes. The past is interesting only for finding resource elements to build on. By asking the right questions, the coach invites the client to make the right decisions, to find the right behavior which suits his/her personality and helps to mobilize resources to all of this.

The process of life coaching is not a new thing but it’s a very fresh novelty that nowadays it’s accessible to anyone and has a rich literature.

Life coaching is a kind of counseling process in connection with a person’s lifestyle. Life coaching can teach you a lot of point of views, processes that can keep your daily lives in harmony. This harmony means workplace-, private and inner harmony, too. If the picture gets clear in front of you (what are the problems you are struggling with, what are the obstacles in front of you) then you can make progress consciously with the knowledge you have acquired on trainings. The development will be beneficial for us, as a leader at our workplace, in our family or even in connection with our own inner attitude. In life coaching we can get to know ourselves, our weaknesses, and our strengths and it all helps us to get on in life.

Team coaching

The most useful tool for forming and developing a successful team by our experience is teamcoaching because it’s a coach-led process and its main goal is to reach the team goals and it’s built on the team’s strengths, energy and the knowledge, ideas and experiences of its members.

It’s a developmental method that creates a learning process by processing the team’s current questions, obstructions and problems. The teamcoaching’s main goal may be to increase the team’s performance, level of trust or cooperation, to clarify the team roles or to make the team’s strategy or function, too.


Group coaching

The group coaching is a developmental method where the individual development of the participants takes place along a specific theme with the active participation of the group. In group coaching we deal with skill development, problem solving, managing personal effects of organizational issues, personal obstructions. We also mobilize the actual coachee’s The participants won’t be only witnesses but will also be actively involved in the progress of the actual coachee and, by doing so, they can also step ahead in their own  topics.


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Barbara Bite