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Csaba | 2016-04-28

I like talking about my job. Many times people asked me: and what is your job? I am a coach. All right, and what does a coach deal with? Well, at this part I was usually in trouble, because I did not have any standard answer for it. I talked about consciousness, about the coaching as a supporting process, about my conviction and my experiences. At the end of our conversation my partner usually said: I do not really understand what you say, but I can see by the way you speak, that you must be doing it with passion.

Last week I was attending a roundtable discussion as a guest, in the company of Tünde Horváth and Linda Rosik, where the main topic was: passion and profit. It was such a good occassion for thinking and to see my career through. I always needed to do the things I do with passion. Profit became important only later on: it appeared or it didn’t appear, and I do not only think about the finances. Profit, the existence of appreciation or the lack of it, enhanced or decreased my passion.

I still remember the time in 1990, when I left the technical university and driven by my passion for theater I applyed for a theater founded at that time. I even remember the time when I quit it due to the low salary and the financial bleakness. I did not consider success the fact that I was playing in all of the pieces either. I succeeded to suppress my passion.

Also later in my own business passion and profit related to each other. Curious thing but after a certain time financial profit did not „feed” my passion anymore. I got tired. I had to realise that I happened to be more interested in the human than to the electrical enegry which binds me to my original profession. I started studying with no time or money spared. I was looking forward to using my knowledge as soon as possible in practise, and of course I wanted to get profit and appreciation. But profit didn’t show up immediately which had a great impact on my enthusiasm. I continuously kept questioning my new identity: why do you want to be a coach?

The change happened in me exactly when I had no longer worries to write to my business card and to say at an introduction that: I am a coach. This kind of self-confidenceis what I really needed to get started on this path.

Then last year my life took an other direction. I began a new project: to build myself up within two years in a new city, in a new country. As a coach and as a Gestalt-therapist. „If you dream, then dream it big, it costs the same” says an oriental philosophy. The process of making this dream happen had a great impact on me: it awakened the passion in me and the will to act.

I can say bravely now, that I cannot create anything big without passion. When I give up hope success does not come, but when I talk about my conviction, my beliefes, faith, and my life with passion, something stirs and puts me on the way of success.

 Have you already found your passion that drives you to make effort,  to study and to develop? 


András Makai B.

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