Our trainings


In every job there are one or two key comepetencies which determine – beyond the professional competence – wether we are succesful or not
(eg.: negogiating with clients, holding persuasive presentation etc.).

Being a pro in key competencies doesn’t only contribute to effectiveness. We believe that becoming a pro gives pleasure, sense of achievement which enhances commitment.  It’s a competitive advantage both on individual and organizational level. Group training is the best solution to the individual skills development. We deliver the training courses with a small group of people, and two instructor who continually help the participants to develop with individual feedbacks.

We don’t have box solutions, we like working in the here and now, supporting and catalyzing the participants’ current dilemmas, solutions to challenges.

Our trainings are practise-oriented and built on experience-based learning. During the trainings we can go through the models, theoretical materials related to the topic, if the knowledge of these is important to achieve certain competences. But the emphasis is on the practice. We like using the expression’ expedition leading’ when describing our training approach. While the tour guide takes his/her group from A to B, the expedition leader won’t be scared of unexpected situations, and exploring new lands, just like us.

The training is only efficient if the acquired knowledge, methods and newly-found solutions can be used in practice. This is why we recommend an individual or group coaching to supplement the training.

On the trainings – regardless of the subject, partially based on the method – the self-knowledge and self-reflection of the participants deepen, because they have access to get feedback from the others, how they are seen and how they affect the others. Being coaching approach trainers, we also encourage the participants to pay attention to inwards and to recognize their own emotions.


Our leadership trainings:


  • Situational leadership
  • Leadership role consciousness
  • Motivation
  • Coaching approach leadership


Our classical trainings:


–           Presentation techniques

–           Communication training

–           Self-knowledge

–           Personality typology

–           Assertiveness

–           Cooperation development

–           Personal effectiveness

–           Project management

–           Negotiation technique

–           Time management

–           Conflict resolution

–           Stress management



More information:


András Preiszinger

Head of Training