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Work & Life: Passion and profit

I like talking about my job. Many times people asked me: and what is your job? I am a coach. All right, and what does a coach deal with? Well, at this part I was usually in trouble, because I did not have any standard answer for it. I talked about consciousness, about the coaching as a supporting process, about my conviction and my experiences. At the end of our conversation my partner usually said: I do not really understand what you say, but I can see by the way you speak, that you must be doing it with passion. Tovább

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Case study: Go with the Flow

In the next section of our case study I asked Mary to put me into her last interesting coaching session: she told me about her experience when even she as a coach could feel the flow-experience during the coaching process. Tovább

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Work & life: Work-life balance

One cornerstone of our daily life is the ability to maintain the balance between the work and the private life. How can we fit to the different fields of our lives while staying fresh and satisfied? at the same time? Is it possible at all to perform well at least similarly in all the fields of our lives? Tovább

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The way we coach

We held our first introductory coaching event „ The way we coach” on the 5th of April in the evening at Budapest MOM Kult with. 30 participants, 5 coaches, 3 assistants… lets see what happened! Tovább

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Cooperation between generation

„We love to think, that the olders are good, and the youngsters should change, but the truth is that, everbydody should change. Mutual prejudices can cause serious conflicts and without clearing and dissolving them, they stay as a „bubble”. This way some people may work between „landmines” when not admitting that they are not just victims: they also have a role as an agressor.” Tovább