Organizational development

Organizational development is a process when we work together on a development with greater impact with the decision-makers of the company. Its elements are diagnoses – organizational- and/or individual mirrors and the actual development. The elements are the followings: workshop, consulting, trainings, individual- group- or team coaching, and the follow-up.

The most typical subjects:

  • Elaboration, introduction, support of a talent program
  • Elaboration, introduction, support of an internship program
  • Elaboration, introduction, support of a mentoring program
  • Multilevel leadership development; integration of a new approach, attitude and know-how
  • Elaboration, introduction, support of a management success program
  • Generational sensitization
  • Preparing for and managing change
  • Development of Customer service, HR and Sales
  • Development of the effectiveness of creating and realizing strategy
  • Integration of a new system created for the development of efficiency and organizational excellence
  • Employee and employment branding

Individual Mirror

The Individual Mirror is detached “look into a mirror”. It is mostly an online questionnaire for the preparation of a development (coaching, training), which is followed by personal feedback interview.

As an element of preparation, the consultants, cooperating with the Client, compile a questionnaire that will be sent to the participants onto an online platform after being accepted. The assessment of individual demands and expectations, and determining the aspect of factors measuring the present condition of the segment are also important components.

In case of relevance it is possible to make a 180-360 degree appraisal. It means that the participants fill in the questionnaires themselves, and it can also be filled by their leaders, inferiors, colleagues about them.

To compile our leadership profile questionnaire we use personality typology questionnaires (MBTI, DISC) and other tests (Belbin test, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Resolution Test, Assertivity test). Furthermore, we co-operate with a few license-based profile using partners: Captain, Profiles, Artemisszio (DÉT).

After the filled questionnaire is being valued, the feedback and the analysis are done via personal, one-to-one interviews. At the assessment interview the coach and the manager have the opportunity to talk about the individual target, motivation, and dilemmas. Gradual trust-building is also one of the targets of this discussion.

The „Individual mirror” serves as the basis of the participants’ individual action plan.


Organizational Mirror

As an element of preparation the consultants, based on the target of the development, cooperating with the Client, compile a questionnaire that will be sent to the participants onto an online platform after being accepted. The questionnaire is designed to measure the current state of the organization/team/segment –in order to measure current goals, values, processes, results and other similar dimensions. We define the range of participants together with the Client.

The suggested dimensions can vary among the following topics:

Organizational trust, co-operation, realizing effectiveness of strategic goals, leadership culture, accountability, transparency, different generations, male and female leaders, project culture, time management, talent management, performance management, and every further dimension that can be important to the Client from the point of view of an organizational diagnosis.

From the filled questionnaires an Organizational Mirror is being created, which, if needed, is shown to the management or to the affected department’s leaders in form of a presentation.

As a part of the development, at the end of the process – during the follow up – the measurement can happen again. With this, the change from the initial state, the success of the developmental process can be revealed.