We are concerned with the aspects, questions and dilemmas related to being a young leader, and female leader. We are looking for the answers, developmental and conscious learning methods which we can support our clients with.

We like sharing our experiences, knowledge and stories in presentations, supporting and motivating the participants. This way we are able to broaden the participants’ perspective of the information and the experiences, concerning young – and female leaders.

We present leadership theories and models, motivation-, communication models and conflict resolution methods. We use new literature background to keep our knowledge up- to -date that we like making more variable with experiential stories and practical cases.

There are numerous studies based on our generation studies, and many noted specialists refer to our data and correlations.

Of course we also like making generation themed presentations, both presenting the data from our own studies and showing international tendencies. We like looking at the generations altogether rather than analyzing them separately.

As we constantly work on generational sensitizing programs and projects within organizations, our lectures become more and more colorful with experiential knowledge.

We prepare our lectures with visual presentations made with Prezi.com or Power Point. We have experiences in the Storytelling speech technique, and our professionals have also held several TED speeches.

Barbara Bite’s popular „Border crossers” presentation at TEDx (it’s Hungarian):

Barbara Bite’s presentation about the balanced personality (it’s Hungarian):