The way we coach

Csaba | 2016-04-17

We held our first introductory coaching event „ The way we coach” on the 5th of April in the evening at Budapest MOM Kult with. 30 participants, 5 coaches, 3 assistants… lets see what happened!


Cooperation between generation

Csaba | 2016-03-29

„We love to think, that the olders are good, and the youngsters should change, but the truth is that, everbydody should change. Mutual prejudices can cause serious conflicts and without clearing and dissolving them, they stay as a „bubble”. This way some people may work between „landmines” when not admitting that they are not just victims: they also have a role as an agressor.”


Online coaching

Kinga | 2017-04-19


Our online coaching service is dedicated to those who are not able to attend a personal meeting for some reasons, however they want to participate in an individual development.


Usually business coaching is for solving problems caused in business field but it can be very helpful in acquiring different skills, as well. We help leaders, managers, entrepreneurs with business coaching. The range of possible topics is wide. It can vary from career coaching to skill coaching. We can work on the development of basic leadership skills (motivation, team building, delegation, decision making, organization, communication, etc.) in order to create a ground we can build on later. Other interesting topics can be stress management, personal branding or career management.

When we say “executive coaching” we mean coaching of top management. In this case it’s about the “personal training” of top managers, typical topics are strategic questions, change management and leadership dilemmas.


An online coaching process contains 5 sessions, each 60-minute long usually through Skype.


  • no distance problems
  • if the coachee travels a lot (abroad, countryside) there is no need to suspend the process
  • no travel time
  • works after/before work time, as well
  • the feeling of a secure environment opens the coachee
  • the session can be taped for free, the coachee can listen to it later
  • every important tool and paper are easily reachable and are easy to send

These advantages are shown in this info graphic below:

If you have any further questions, please contact us!

Barbara Bite
coach, trainer, management consultant

Conscious Leadership program

Kinga | 2017-03-08



Program’s goal:

  • On the one hand it offers a 5-session long program to gain the basic knowledge about how to lead people and on the other hand it tries to make sure that the delivered knowledge is really getting built into the participants’ every day life.
  • In order to help to adapt the knowledge, before the end of every training day, each participant makes a promise to try out some new methods, bring some change into their leadership and they report their experiences on the next module.
  • Between two modules individual or pair coaching sessions ensure that the participants set their own goals and take their first steps to reach them.



1. Achievement management and supportive communication

  • Leadership background of extraordinary performance
  • Simple leadership models
  • Importance of setting goals
  • Set SMART goals in practice
  • Ground rules of supportive communication
  • From ‘not listening’ to ‘active listening’
  • Gates of interpersonal communication
  • Successful feedback and achievement evaluation talk

2. Motivation at workplace

  • 20th century’s motivational theories in practice
  • Differences between individual motivators’
  • Career preferences’ effect on motivation
  • Barriers of positive-negative confirmation based motivation
  • Recent typical motivators of office workers
  • Y Generation
  • Handling unmotivated colleague

3. Be coach leader

  • How can we help our colleagues with their own improvement?
  • What is coaching and how is it different from other developing methods?
  • Adults’ learning process
  • Basic coach skills
  • Building trust, active listening, questioning technique
  • Coaching models for beginner coach
  • Coaching practices
  • Using coaching approach in different parts of leading
  • Efficient leader, as coach – traits

4. Assertive communication and conflict management

  • Assertive, passive, manipulative and aggressive behavior
  • Comparing assertive and supportive communication
  • Assertive rights
  • Techniques: I-messages, saying no, assertive treatment of critic
  • Connection between conflicts and performance
  • Escalation of conflicts
  • Conflict management approaches
  • Cooperative conflict management and problem solving
  • Process actual conflict situations

5. Value- based time management and delegation

  • Defining basic values, principles, personal priorities
  • Our roles and goals in life and work
  • Time management approaches
  • Urgent – important matrix
  • Methods for value- based time planning and tasks completing
  • Tips for general time management and for leaders
  • Advantages and difficulties of delegation, process of efficient delegation
  • Delegation and situation based leading

E-books and blog in the program’s topics are available in the link below:


Further information:

Barbara Bite


Business coach, Trainer, Management Consultant