We consider it our main mission to organize a team building program that everyone actively participates in and offers an experience that they will love to remember for a long time. Beyond shared experiences, we are working on developing a science-based approach to team collaboration in a way that it can be effectively translated into everyday life.

  1. Online team-building

You don’t have to give up your team-level gaming experience under the home office and social distance circumstences! We optimized the well-functioning, creatively developing elements in the physical space for the online interface, making good use of the latter’s features. Thus, we offer an exciting, challenging team-building program that strengthens group cohesion in a renewed form.

Our game library includes online platform-optimized versions of offline escape room games. Participants can use their computers or smartphones to come across the Secret Message or move a real 1:20 scale crane cart. In order for a team trying their luck to participate effectively in these missions, constant coordination of team members is needed to select and implement the right strategy.

2. Offline team-building

We pass on the most important basic rules needed to strengthen effective cooperation in a development framework that is easy to learn and it can be immediately tested. The main objectives of the program are to increase the sense of community and belonging, to celebrate the successes achieved, to get to know each other better, to strengthen cooperation within the team, and to strengthen personal relationships and trust. Varied, creative, playful events can also take place in special venues: you can meet us even on Lupa Beach, where the various sports equipment available guarantees an exciting and lively experience.


Many times, in the context of teamwork, Aristotle’s statement that ” The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. ” seems to be justified. Our training provides the most important elementary rules and methodologies needed to strengthen effective teamwork in an easy-to-learn and immediately testable development framework. With our diverse range of methodological tools and the most diverse theoretical frameworks, we map the strengths, formal and informal roles and group functions of the team and team members, which is a condition for effective and trust-based cooperation. By becoming a successful team, employees learn to use their strengths consciously from the team’s point of view, to map their team-level areas for improvement, and to shed light on possible team-level operational disruptions. The emphasized element of the development is the practical usability of the newly acquired knowledge and its formulation as an action plan.


One of the tools to form an effective team and support change is team coaching based development. The goal of the  process led by a coach is to reach the goal of the team based on the strength, energy, knowledge, ideas, and experiences of its members. The methodology creates a learning process by processing the team’s current questions, bottlenecks and problems. The goal of team coaching can be to increase the performance, level of trust and cooperation of a team, to clarify the roles within the group, to create the strategy and the way of operating of the team. The members of the group learn together and from each other by working on real problems and by reflecting on their own experiences.

We adapt our toolkit during the team coaching process to the needs of our clients, we work with an action-oriented, solution-focused approach and action learning methodology.




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