As a participant, you will be able to consciously look at your leadership role in terms of telecommuting.

You will be able to look at the situation from a different perspective and manage it by keeping in mind the specifics on the employee side as well. You will be able to build on the benefits of telecommuting and the resources you need to do so.

You get elements that can be used well in practice, are easy to transfer, and solutions that make everyday work easier.


The aim of the development program is to enable participants to adapt to different new situations due to changed working conditions from their specific leadership role. To set a goal for themselves for this segment of their leadership role and responsibilities as well. To understand and raise awareness of the dimensions that are paramount, such as trust, greater flexibility in supervision, the ability to delegate, thinking out of the box, accurate and effective planning of work, consistent accountability and performance evaluation, adaptability, ability and willingness to change, innovation, knowledge of the regulation and framework of atypical forms of work. All of this also applies to their own leadership roles and the position of employees.

As a result of the training, participants are strengthened in their leadership role, consciously observing, planning and developing their work organization process, employee relations and performance management.


Participants in the program will gain a general insight into the characteristics of flexible forms of employment, especially teleworking, which will allow them to have a common framework in which they can more easily articulate their own challenges.

It is important for participants to be able to bring in the difficult situations they face as challenges in their daily work – whether they arise from professional leadership, physical distance, non-permanent personal presence, trust, task performance monitoring, lack of constant contact or other personal challenges. The aim is to process these ideas with the most adequate methodology, to get inspiration on how to resolve possible conflicts in sharp practical situations.

In connection with the topics of communication, contact and performance, the sources of conflict arising from the capabilities of telework are also focused on: on the one hand, how the leader, on the other hand, how the employee handles the changed working conditions, working hours, the lack of personal presence, the special rules and meanwhile the increased freedom and responsibility, the task planning, prioritization, performance and work-life issues. All of these are also important in terms of attitude and behaviour.



9.00-12.30 or 13.00-16.30
ZOOM Coaching Team training room
35 000 HUF+VAT
8 persons




Work and organisational psychologist, Junior consultant, trainer

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